Ulama Persia dan Ulama Nusantara: Melihat Benang Merah Ide Pan Islamisme dan Implementasinya

The Sultanate of Aceh had commenced a watershed apparently in its relation with the centre of Islamic world to construct a new political concept of Pan-Islamism in the very early decades of the 16 th century and as its succession in the 19 th century. Due to this, Aceh history should be perused concerning the centre-periphery contextual situation of the Islamic world. The signi-ficance of the moulding power of the center is admittedly unquestinable. Nevertheless, it is also a fact that the center cannot exist without its peri-phery. The mutual relationship between the center and its periphery shares substantive responsibility in a manner of being constructive. It means the fact that the latter has some power to mould as well as give a direction to the former. Concerning the inter-relational approach between the centre and its periphery of Islamic world, the relation of the Sultanate of Aceh with the Ottoman State became one of the hallmarks of the development of the idea of Pan-Islamism.

Author: M. Hasbi Amiruddin
Issue Date: July 2016
Volume: V
Issue: 2
Page Numbers: 96