Kedudukan dan Hak-Hak Anak Perempuan Dalam Hukum Kewarisan Islam

The woman status and rights in the inheritance law have a dissenting of opinion among scholars. Therefore,  the position and rights of woman in Islamic inheritance law re-assessed. The method used is content analysis of references that is  relevant to the issues discussed. Differences of opinion among scholars attributed to differences in understanding the meaning lafadh and expansion of the scope walad words contained in the verses of inheritance and influenced by pre-Islamic Arab culture (Oahiliyah). According to the Sunni scholars, women are not menghijab brother (both male and female), while according to scholars of the Shia , the word of  walad include boys and girls, so the girls can also attract (menghijab) brother (both male and female). The presence of KHI has shifted the system of Islamic inheritance developed by scholars earlier patterned by the patrilineal  to the bilateral inheritance system that attract  the lineage from both directions  from relatives of men and women.The bilateral patterned inheritance system is  more in line with the kinship system in Indonesia and developments today's society.
Author: Iman Jauhari
Issue Date: July 2016
Volume: V
Issue: 2
Page Numbers: 80