Syiah di Aceh:Studi tentang Pengaruh Syi’ah dalam Tradisi Keislaman-Keilmuan dan Pemetaan Gerakan Sosial Keagamaan

This study attempts to examine the extent of demographic Syiah in Aceh to examine more deeply and more details about this major Islamic school of thought. By employing anthropological history method, this research will examine the religious doctrine which developed among Syiah comunities in Aceh, and its developments socially in the Islamic world map of Indonesia, illustrated that school of Shiah experiencing a significant growth. The development of Syiah especially after the 1979 Iranian revolution which evolved much earlier than the Sunni school of thought has attracted many young Muslims in Aceh. The development of Shiah in Aceh has been a significantly rapid compared to the two schools of thought, Sunni and Wahabi.

Author: Apridar, Abidin Nurdin, Al Chaidar & Muhammad bin Abubakar
Issue Date: July 2016
Volume: V
Issue: 2
Page Numbers: 106